Yoshiaki Sakai – composer/ arranger

He is originally from Japan and he moved to Berlin since 2012.

He started the music first to play E-bass and contrabass; playing Soul, jazz and funk music.  He also began with music composition.

2012, he moved to Berlin. Now he studies contemporary music composition under the composer Kay Aliane Becker.


While doing that he works in many kinds of scenes.

Composition for contemporary dancers.

Composition for Games and Movies.

Live Music with analog machine Ambient music, House music.

His purpose as a musician is to make interesting sounds.



  • Music composition/ arrangement
  • Electronic music composition with MAX/MSP
  • Make music with DAW (CUBASE) for film, commercial music, electronic music
  • Music sheet making (Finale)
  • Hip-Hop Beat make
  • Sound design (Video game sounds, sound logo)
  • Play instruments (Piano, Bass, Guitar)



Music for Video

Chivalry is Dead – Short Film ショートアニメCG
【Short Animation/ ショートアニメ】Nights Out
Short video  //Water//


Sound design

効果音制作例/ sound design demo


Soundtracks/ background music


EastWest Symphonic Orchestra – Original composition A Star of Jotaka/よだかの星


Japanese style

Other soundtrack works

You can listen to other soundtracks work here.


Pop music

I composed the backing track.


Electronic Music


Slow tempo


Middle tempo


Hip-Hop Beats

These are like Hip-hop beats.

Liquid Beats Demo Reel – Katachi Beats/ 形ビーツ
Y-Bit Music – Hip Hop Beats #1(Demo reel)


Ambient music

Price List

The price depends on the music style, duration and how many instruments are used.

Please feel free to ask me any questions.

Thank you so much to see and listen to my portfolio.

If you have some questions please feel free to ask me any questions.