• Name:                  Yoshiaki Sakai
  • Telefon:               +49 163 7198978
  • E-Mail:                comp@yoshiaki-sakai.com
  • Birth date:           17.08.1981 in Tochigi, Japan
  • Nationality:         Japan
  • Language:           Japanese-native, German-conversetional, English-conversetional
  • EU work permit:  Yes, I can work


Education and qualifications

Hakuoh high school (1997-2000)
Mechanical Engineering



  • Music composition/ arrangement
  • Product music with DAW (CUBASE) for film, commercial music, electronic music
  • Music sheet making (by Finale)
  • Sound design (Video game sounds, sound logo)
  • Play instruments (Piano, Bass, Guitar)



Music for Video

I composed the music for my Portfolio(I used CC BY videos).

Chivalry is Dead – Short Film ショートアニメCG
Short video  //Water//


Sound effect

I was in charge of sound effects in this short film.



Electronic Music

These musics are my privet works.

Mosaic Garten/ モザイクガルテン – Video made with Critter & Guitari EYESY
Ambient works


Pop music

I produced the backing track for Japanese artist and YouTuber.

ayatopia / アヤトピア『IKAWISONG』MV☆自主制作アニメ
瑠璃色の地球 / 松田聖子 (Cover) [高音質・歌詞付き] フル ラヴァーズ レゲエ カバー

Thank you so much to see and listen to my portfolio.