Electronic Music

Present project (現在のプロジェクト)

Short Short Project (started 4.2019)

”Short Short project” is an electronic music composition project.

I will compose many short pieces in a different manner and later will compose with the pieces a sounds collage. This is the first piece of the project.

If the piece finished I would like to make an animation with the music if some animater wants to join this project please contact me.


”Short Short project”は多くの短い電子音楽を違ったアプローチで制作し、その後そのサウンドをコラージュし、新たなサウンドを制作する試み。一曲目。


Short Short Project – Piece 1


Previous works (過去に制作した電子音楽)

The Head (2018)

The Head – Yoshiaki Sakai

Painting: ”The Head” – Aya Ando





Middle tempo



Ambient music


Album – アーテムツーク/ Atemzug

Electronic music demo reel – Yoshiaki Sakai


House – machine live set