Yoshiaki Sakai


Yoshiaki Sakai – composer

Yoshiaki Sakai is originally from Japan and moved to Berlin in 2012.

What first inspired his interest in music was black music, leading him to play jazz and begin his musical journey. He began to compose music early on and started producing electronic music with his move to Berlin.

His musical influences include funk, reggae, hip-hop, jazz, game music, house, techno, classical, folk music and contemporary music. Yoshiaki’s main compositional influences are Miles Davis, YMO, Bela Bartok, György Ligeti, Iannis Xenakis, and Toru Takemitsu.

While working as a freelance composer and electronic musician, composing and performing mainly in Europe, Yoshiaki is continuously developing his skills and knowledge in composition.

Currently, the main focus of his studies are Xenakis’ compositional techniques and the search for the space between micro-structured sounds and the sounds of life.


酒井 良晃(Yoshiaki Sakai) – 作曲家


影響をうけた主な作曲家、音楽家は、マイルス・デイビス、Tha Blue Herb、YMO、バルトーク、リゲティ、クセナキス、ブーレーズ、武満徹。




  • 作編曲(ポップ音楽~クラシック、電子音楽)
  • 音楽制作ソフト(Cubase)を使用した音楽制作(アニメーション、映画音楽、電子音楽)
  • ビート制作
  • 楽譜作成ソフト(Finale)を用いた楽譜制作
  • サウンドデザイン